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Our steadfast commitment to quality craftsmanship and fair practices has established us as a respected production associate for more than 2500 emerging and established fashion designers. Since 2005, La Branders has taken pride in offering consistent employment and sustainable wages to our garment workers.





At La Branders Los Angeles, we take great pride in serving as an essential partner to aspiring and high-end designers, positioning ourselves as a leading apparel manufacturer in Los Angeles. La Branders facilitates in-house small-scale Studio Level Production with zero minimums (up to 50 pieces per style). Additionally, we offer Factory Level Production with minimal requirements (50 pieces per style) and expanded volume production to support growth and scalability.

Clients journey from across the U.S. to collaborate with the La Branders Los Angeles team, cherishing our comprehensive sewing factory's distinct atmosphere in the Arts District of Los Angeles. Our commitment to ethical manufacturing standards has established La Branders as a front-runner in the apparel industry for over 18 years.

At La Branders Los Angeles, we are not just a clothing manufacturer - we are a beacon of ethical and quality craftsmanship in the bustling fashion hub of Los Angeles. Our core philosophy revolves around supporting both emerging and renowned designers, providing them with a steadfast partner in their creative journey. We've established ourselves as a premier apparel manufacturer famous for our high-quality products and mindful production practices.

Our Los Angeles facility offers a comprehensive range of production services catering to various scales and needs. From small in-house Studio Level Production with no minimum requirement (up to 50 pieces per style) to larger Factory Level Production with low minimums (50 pieces per style), we have an avenue for all sizes of design aspirations. Our capacity extends to handle more significant volume production, a testament to our commitment to facilitating scalability and growth for our partners.

Our clients, from all corners of the U.S. cherish the collaborative partnership with the La Branders Los Angeles team. They are drawn to our exceptional workmanship and the unique atmosphere of our vertically-integrated sewing factory. Located in the heart of the vibrant Los Angeles Arts District, our facility is a testament to our dedication to quality and ethical manufacturing.

At La Branders, we place a high emphasis on ethics and sustainability. We ensure that all our products are crafted with integrity, respecting the rights and welfare of our workforce. Since 2005, we have committed to providing stable employment and equitable wages, maintaining a workspace that champions fairness and dignity.



Smaller Level Production

Smaller Level Production

10–50 pieces per style

At LaBranders, our in-house Studio Level Production team excels in small-volume cuts ranging from 10-50 pieces per style, with no minimum requirement for cut-and-sew manufacturing. This service is particularly tailored to high-end brands demanding exceptional attention to detail and unparalleled quality. Additionally, our adept in-studio team swiftly addresses urgent orders or runs intended for publicity, sewn art installations, and distinct projects.

Our garments are meticulously crafted by our team of highly skilled sample production sewers, proficient in handling all garment categories with special care and precision. Most of our in-studio team members have spent many years together, viewing their sewing skills as more than just a job – their craft. They approach each project with unique consideration and dedication. For ongoing projects, we offer dedicated sewing modules that can be contracted and assembled with a team specifically trained to cater to the client’s needs.

Our Studio Level Production is renowned for swift turnaround times, ranging from 4-8 weeks, with the option for expedited deliveries within as little as 1-4 weeks with a rush fee applied.


 Sewing Factory Scale Production

Sewing Factory Scale Production

50-100, 100-300, 500+ pieces per style

In collaboration with a select few of the finest sewing factories in downtown Los Angeles, La Branders offers a diverse range of production services. Our Industrial Scale Production services accommodate most categories and provide competitive pricing, flexibility with varying quantities, and proficient production management.

La Branders' Industrial Scale Production specifically caters to cuts of 50-100, 100-300, and 300+ pieces per style (with all production cuts of 1-50 handled in-house). All factories in collaboration with La Branders have undergone rigorous scrutiny and are fully adherent to California labor laws, La Branders' exacting quality standards, and multiple large retailers' private certification processes.

All production projects fall under the meticulous care of La Branders' Project and Production Managers. They work directly with the clients, consistently upholding La Branders' stringent quality control measures.

As part of our commitment to quality, a top-of-production (TOP) sample is provided for the client's approval. Regular quality control checks are conducted during the production process and upon completion, ensuring the quality and timing meet both the client's and La Branders' high standards.

Oversight of all production projects is handled by our diligent Project Managers, who perform daily management tasks and conduct thorough quality control checks. As part of our commitment to ensuring the best quality, a top-of-production (TOP) sample is furnished for client approval. Quality control checks are conducted frequently throughout the production process and upon completion, ensuring the quality and timing align perfectly with our stringent standards. This comprehensive approach underlines our commitment to craftsmanship, timely delivery, and our client's satisfaction.



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